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X – Banner Stand


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Product Description

The X banner stand is one of the best-recommended indoor stands or for outdoor areas with little wind. This is an absolute bargain as you get the X banner stand with a complete grommeted banner. The X banner assembles easily with the banner secure in the corners by bolts. The design area for you banner design is 31-inches in width and 71-inches in height and we complete this package with a handy carrying case. The tri-stand is the ideal banner to take with you to trade shows and sales and sure to catch the eye of passersby. Its compact design makes it ideal to transport, unpack, and assemble in a moment. When it is assembled, it takes up very little space with its convenient small footprint. Choose your banner design on high quality material with bright colors and UV inks that would be attracting even the discerning eye.

The X Banner Stand Ultimate Banner is a fantastic indoor banner display system, complete with banner and grommets. It is very easy to assemble and the banner is held in place by a bolt in each corner. Comes with a carrying case.

Design area is 31″ wide x 71″ high.