With the holidays quickly approaching, there’s no better time to get your decorating in order than now! We love all the different holidays celebrated this time of year, so we’ve put together some of our favorite holiday ideas utilizing our products to help you decorate no mater how you celebrate!

Wall Words

These incredibly popular products are great for any time of year, but their inexpensive nature and easily removable designs make them perfect for holiday decorating as well!

Wall words can display any message you’d like as well as basic clipart or designs. Place your favorite Christmas, Chanukah, Kwanza or any other phrase on your wall and remove them after the holidays pass.

If you’re not interested in words or phrases, try a Christmas tree, Santa, dreidel, menorah and so much more! Think of the beautiful atmosphere you can create by putting some snow and a silhouette of a winter theme in your living room when the family comes to town to visit! By using different clipart or your own, you can create a design that’s truly unique.

Removing wall words or images is so easy. The vinyl material is made with a low-tack adhesive, meaning they’re not likely to remove any paint or damage the surface of your walls. Some smaller designs can potentially be saved for later, but larger designs will be much harder. Ordering your wall art early ensures you’ll get the most use out of it before winter passes and the next season begins!

Window Decals

Give your home a winter atmosphere with some creative window decals. Whether you want to make it look like you’ve got snow piling up in the corners or like Santa is dropping off gifts, window decals have a ton of utility. These decals provide something fun for passersby to see when they’re out looking at Christmas lights or jut driving by. We’ve seen some really fun designs come through our printers in the past.

Holiday window decals can usually be removed and used again the next year. They’re printed on window cling and adhere nicely to most glass or smooth surfaces. Window cling doesn’t leave any adhesive behind and is pretty resistant, making it easy to install and care for. Available in both white and clear, we’ve got window cling material that is perfect for your home decorating.

Canvas Art

Canvas prints are incredibly popular. Photographers around the world love offering these products to their clients because they’re an incredibly personal way to display their family photos. Retail stores often carry canvas art of all kinds, including holiday and seasonal canvas art. However, have you ever seen a design that was close, but not quite perfect? That’s where our canvas art steps in! Using our online design tool, you can use our stock photo utility or upload your own image. Add your favorite holiday touch like Santa’s sleigh or a dreidel and your family name or favorite holiday quote.

There’s no limit to what you can design when it comes to our canvas art, and then set part is that it’s completely reusable! Simply take it down, store and use the canvas next year to decorate with your favorite family photo or design again! That’s it, there’s really not much more to caring for canvas art. It’s one of the most hardy and personal products we sell!

Repositionable Wall Decals

Often called fat heads, repositionable wall decals are perfect for printing a design and adhering it to your wall. Any design can be used and there are plenty of holiday images you’d probably love to have on your walls. This product is perfect for homes, offices, schools, churches and more, because it’s easy to install and just as easy to remove. The designs can be contour cut, so you can have Rudolph and his friends on any wall you want!

Our online designer allows you the ability to upload any artwork you want or choose from our huge gallery of clipart and stock photography. Give a wall a winter touch with a snowcovered landscape, order a full-size Santa for the classroom, get a yule log, snow flakes, Christmas tree or anything else! The smaller the design, the easier to save and use again!

Custom Magnets

Our unique printing process allows us the ability to print directly on magnet and then contour cut to any shape. This leaves almost infinite holiday decoration potential! Order a batch of fridge magnets with your family photo to send to friends and family or create your very own holiday-themed magnet set! Get really creative and print a landscape or holiday themed characters and stick them on your magnetic-receptive garage door. We’ve even seen people decorate their vehicles with holiday magnets!

Magnetic products are super easy to care for and highly reusable. Large magnets can be rolled and stored while smaller magnets can be stored with the rest of your holiday decor. Cleaning magnets is as easy as using a mild soap and water and wiping them clean. They make fantastic gifts because people love magnets! You’ll love seeing them using your holiday magnets to hold up everyone else’s holiday post cards!