Quality, Integrity, Satisfaction

Family owned, family operated.

Stickerz is a family owned and operated facility. From the front desk to the shipping room, we’re all family. While we do have other employees among us who aren’t related by blood, we still consider them family members. Many of our employees have been with us since the beginning, some even from when we worked out of our garage. Our satellite facilities are also operated by family members.

We’ve been around a while!

Stickerz has been in the printing and sign business since 1997. Our parent company Magnetic Graphix includes a family of businesses, which covers a vast majority of the printing and advertising industry. Over the nearly 20 years Stickerz has been in business, we have had the luxury of building relationships with US-based manufacturers which allows us to offer the highest quality product at competitive prices. We are proud of our work and we strive every day to provide a service that makes others happy.

Quality through relationships.

Because we have been in the sign and printing industry so long, we’ve had the opportunity to meet a LOT of people. Our total array of services cover a broad spectrum, and this has allowed us relationships – and even friendships – with industry giants. These relationships have helped Magnetic Graphix and Stickerz to not just have access to the newest materials, but to actually innovate totally new materials. We’ve enjoyed being on the leading edge of the print and magnetics industry for many years now, and we pass that on to our customers through quality and affordability. Some of the products we offer are even exclusive to our companies.