Why choose magnetic car signs?

Few advertising methods are as popular as car magnetsBusinesses love them for their simplicity and affordability and, therefore, car magnets provide a ton of benefits! When they’re taken care of, car magnets can last an incredibly long time. Dollar for dollar, they’re one of the best investments for your company.

Increase Visibility for Your Business & Brand Awareness

If you spend a lot of time on the road, you’re passing hundreds or thousands of cars each day. Other drivers see magnetic vehicle signs and, when seen enough, they will remember your company. In smaller towns as you’re doing your routine, you’re passing others who are doing theirs. After enough time, people will start to recognize your vehicle magnet and, eventually, your company. Next time they need a contractor or realtor, they’re going to immediately recall that car they see every day with the magnet on the side. Reinforcing yourself within your community is a fantastic way to get started with a new or growing business!

Imagine you’re in traffic in a busy city and you’re passing and being passed. It only takes a few passes before you start recognizing the other cars and remembering when they passed you and you passed them. With a vehicle magnet as the centerpiece of your vehicle, passersby are now focused on business instead of other features of your vehicle. You’re building recognition, right there in traffic with dozens of other drivers. So long as you’re not driving like a maniac, they may remember you positively next time they need your services!

Of course being parked at stores or shops your frequent and in public places only increases your growing visibility! Car signs really turn your vehicle into a traveling billboard advertising your business!

Builds Trust and Highlight Important Information

Showing others you’re serious about your business is as simple as displaying yourself as a professional. Your vehicle should be considered an extension of your company, and by openly and proudly advertising who you are and how to reach you, you’re building trust with the community, those around you and those you’re doing business with daily. Showing others you’re in a company vehicle and not your own vehicle (even if they’re the same, as is mine!), you’re taking an important step into professionalism. Because car magnets are so easy to install and remove, they’re perfect for multi-use vehicles. When you’re ready for a night out, simply remove the sign and set it aside for tomorrow!

Most consumers want to know they’re spending money with someone who will pay attention to their needs. Therefore, by displaying your information and company name on a car magnet, you’re saying “This is my company, and I care“. Now you’re effectively getting your businesses name and contact information our while having a professional appearance.

Increases Authority

Showing up at a job site or client meeting carries a lot of responsibility to it. If you’re a contractor who often has a work truck parked outside, you have a responsibility to those around you to announce yourself. While the property owner is likely expecting you, neighbors probably are not. Having several people approach you throughout the day is detracting attention from your work and making your presence needlessly complicated. Hence the importance of vehicle magnets, announce yourself.

Immediately, you’ve asserted authority as you arrive and clients and neighbors alike will know who you are and what you’re there for. Not only are you presenting an authoritative presence, you’re also easily advertising to others nearby! Who knows, they may also need your services, and now they know exactly where to see an example of your work and how to get in touch!

Cheap Advertising

Let’s be honest, this is the most important part. Car magnets are cheap. They’re not only inexpensive, they’re also extremely easy to install and clean yourself. Maintenance is almost non-existant and they should last for years. Magnets can be moved from one vehicle to another in seconds and they can be removed and stored for use later on or temporary use. Of course, there are other more permanent or eye-catching solutions such as full-vehicle wraps and vinyl lettering, but nothing can every touch magnetic car signs for affordability, simplicity and effectiveness. For these reason alone, car magnets are sure to stick around!

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