From coffee shops, boutiques to restaurants, sidewalk signs can be commonly form of portable, storefront signage in spaces with high foot traffic. They are cheap and used for enticing attention of bystanders in order to raise brand awareness or else to communicate with the potential buyers about interesting deals or sales.

Sidewalk signs are typically applied to welcome and celebrate this joyful moment not only as part of outdoor signage business promotional tool, but also employ by other parties like churches or schools. You may take the opportunity of informing the passerby about your special products and services, as well as interesting sales or discounts.

However, in creating such creative and attractive sidewalk signs in high spirit of sweet Valentine’s Day you have to consider how to design your message in strategic and actionable way, so it will swiftly grab any potential customers who are passing by.

Who You Are

You have to clearly identify “who you are” a branded element, or simply a name – which are crucial for brand awareness to any bystanders passing your business places. If you use an image, make sore it’s clear, not cluttered, and visible contrast in colors. Meanwhile, if you use type or letters, it’s better to display a simple yet attractive font in dark color which is can be visible and readable even from far distance.

Why They Should Pick You

Sidewalk signs also have to be able to inform any prospective passing-by customers about what you do or what products or services you offer which are different from other competitors. It is essential that sidewalk signage create a reason for potential customers to walk into your business places. For instance, you put on your sidewalk sign that your place offer particular, new arrival thing for Valentine’s Day with interesting discount.

When They Should Stop By

You can make it by inserting the information of your business place’s operation hours. It will definitely provide any prospective buyers with a context of when they can stop by. Also, you may put some special offer during certain hours of operation for Valentine’s Day season to get maximum effort.