In a previous post, we described the top 8 reasons to use Custom Stickers as a powerful marketing tool for businesses and considered stickers among the most versatile tool for promotion. Ideally.. promotional stickers can be used in many different ways and places, nothing else comes close when you’re talking about potential advertising value.

A well designed and well placed sticker can not only remind prospects and customers about your products and services, it’s a great way to give your brand a high-end textured look without spending a ton of money. There are many ways businesses can use custom stickers to promote your brand and products.

So here are 10 ways to use custom stickers to increase brand awareness and boost your sales faster:

1. Use Stickers on Your Products

If you sell or supply products like laptops, cell phones, bags, clocks, cases, etc.. putting your branded sticker on such products is a cost effective way to advertise your business. Doing so gives a more personal feel to the packaging since someone had to personally place the sticker. It can create a connection that normally may be lost by simply shipping a product in only the packaging.

2. Use Stickers on Your Packaging

Well packaged goods make a great first impression of your business on your customers. So why not get more creative and take it to next level by adding your branded stickers to packaging. Put your branded stickers on each package and take your business advertising a step further!

3. Use Stickers as a Seal

Using stickers with your brand identity, create beautiful and eye-catching seals and use on envelopes and seal boxes. It will not only going to advertise your business but will going to earn the trust and loyalty of your customers and it just looks cool!

4. Include Stickers within Orders

Next time when customer orders an item from you, throw some of your branded stickers within it. Your costumers can use them on their items and on other stuff they use, this way your customers will be doing marketing for your business.

5. Create Repeated Customers Reward Sticker

Design and print a sticker with message something like Our “Top Customer” or “Our Repeated Customer” and give it to your regular and frequent customers that shop from your very often as reward. This will make them share it will other that will possibly going to attract more customers and will give them more reasons to shop from you. If you’re in a business where you get a lot of children that come with parents, this is a terrific way to engage the kids and keep them coming back for more.

6. Create Fun Stickers for Special Occasions & Events

It is a great way to get your brand under customers noses by creating and distributing your branded fun stickers for special occasions and events like christmas, weddings, birthday, fairs, etc… you will get surprised by the results by doing so.

7. Use Stickers on Vehicles

Your personal and business vehicles can be a moving billboard that can advertise your business on the go. Put your business stickers on vehicle dashboards, windows, doors, bonnets and on bumpers. For bolder look and appearance you can use large size vinyl stickers on you vehicles to advertise your brand.

8. Use Stickers on Store Floor, Windows & Doors

If you run a store then you can use stickers on your store floor, doors and windows to promote Special offers, deals, or can add important information related to store like working hours.

9. Distribute Promotional Stickers to Your Retailers

Engage your retailers to advertise your brand effectively by sending them a promo pack to your stockiest with display posters and promo stickers which is a great way of boosting your sales.

10. Give Stickers to Your Employers

Yes, give your branded stickers to your employers, to their kids and families as it will help too to advertise your business. You can create stickers with messages like “Best Employer” or “Employer of the Month“, as this will not only going to promote your business but going to make your employers to love your business company as it’s been said that customers cannot love a company unless it been loved by its own employers.