For decades, Custom stickers have been a staple in the marketing industry. Whether they’re getting politicians elected, advertising a band, or building a brand, stickers and decals are an all time favorite for marketers! They’re easy to make, print and distribute and, best of all, they’re cheap! So why would you use stickers? We’ve complied a list of 8 reasons to use stickers in your marketing efforts today!

So here are top 8 reasons astute businesses shouldn’t ignore this powerful and low-cost marketing:

1. Beyond the Bumper

Stickers aren’t just bumper stickers. We can make circle decals, square or rectangle decals or we can make die-cut decals that are specially cut to shape to match your design! In some cases, we can even make HUGE decals the size of an entire storefront window! The applications are endless with stickers and our online design tool makes creating your own stickers a fun and easy project! Whether you’re equipping your band, organization or business for their next big event or you really are looking for a classic bumper sticker for your next political campaign or favorite witticism, we’ve got you covered!

2. An “Old-School” Social Media

Promotional stickers were around before social media and in a lot of ways were the original viral marketing. People were sharing and posting stickers long before the internet and cat videos took over!. Decals and stickers are the perfect way to continually generate low-cost, non-stop exposure. Nothing beats having your fans and customers hitting the streets and doing your advertising for you! When they’re out sticking, they’re generating quality exposure by showing their support and everyone loves quality exposure!

3. Affordability

Bulk discounts are almost always available when buying stickers and decals. Often times the more you order, the cheaper stickers get and many companies offer further sticker discounts to returning customers! Because of how stickers and decals are printed and produced, making large quantities is sometimes easier than making one-off stickers and companies know this and keep customers in mind when designing their pricing. Lager orders mean bigger discounts for customers and better profits for the printer, it’s a true win-win scenario!

4. Flexibility

The sky is the limit when it comes to designing a sticker or decal. In fact, you really are limited only by your imagination when you’re working on a design. Other than needing to exist in two dimensions, there are very few other limitations. With the ability to make stickers in any shape and almost any size, you’re definitely going to be able to make the perfect decal. And to top it off, most places will draw a contour around logos and artwork if you ask, meaning you can get stickers which have some real character to them. Too many people think of stickers as a kid’s item, often handed to children in school or to occupy them, but they are so much more than that! Everyone has fun with stickers! Some unique and common uses include product labels, name badges, warning signs, bumper stickers, or simple decorations, the possibility for using stickers are limitless.

As if that’s not enough versatility for you, stickers can also be printed on several different materials. From reflective, shiny backing to removable and static cling material there are tons of options! If you can envision it, there’s a great likelihood we can print it!

5. Increase Brand Awareness

Creating a strong brand for your business is really the name of the game when it comes to any kind of marketing. By designing and printing stickers, you’re asking your client base to get involved in your brand and spread the word. If they like what you’ve for to offer, they’re going to proudly display your logo, slogan or design wherever they can! Brand identity and stickers go hand in hand, that’s why every new Apple product and GoPro camera comes with pretty sticker. And you know? I bet you’ve seen those stickers EVERYWHERE!

Giving away these stickers not only helps big companies like Apple and GoPro advertise, but it increases and solidifies their brand awareness. Of course, they are huge companies who hardly need any help from us, but smaller companies, bands or organizations can take a page from their book. Getting a clever logo or design and printing it on something as easily shareable as a sticker can really get people oriented with your cause!

6. Micro Marketing and Identity Development

Designing promotional stickers forces advertisers to really think hard about their marketing efforts. As mentioned earlier, big brands are easily recognizable. When you’re designing your own stickers, you also want them to be able to be notices and remembered. So in developing your own stickers, you may find yourself facing some questions about your company which you hadn’t thought of before such as :

  • Who is my market and with whom and I communicating?
  • Where is my audience spending their time?
  • How do I get their attention?
  • What are they looking for?
  • Why is product or organization unique?
  • How can I make my point in a simple, easy to digest image, slogan or logo?

These are just a few questions that every huge company has to ask themselves before they develop a marketing strategy. While this is a heavy topic for someone just looking to make some fun stickers, it’s an exercise that relates closely. Smaller companies need to always keep these things in the back of their minds and designing a sticker almost forces you to consider them.

7. Strengthen the Relationship With Customer

Handing out stickers to customers or fans is directly communicating to them “Thanks for supporting us, now we need your help getting the word out.” It strengthens your relationship with your customers by asking them to become invested. If you’re already using your product or services, then they’ve found a direct benefit, so by asking them to identify with you and share that benefit, you’re create a strong bond. In today’s world, customers and fans are often more than eager to show their support, and stickers are not just good, stickers are the best way build a relationship.

8. Highlight Retail Spaces

Using stickers to highlight products and stores are a super popular way to implement this form of advertising. Oftentimes stores will place stickers on displays or racks to show sales or just draw interested. Sometimes stores will advertise their physical locations by sending stickers to other stores or locations too. Using stickers internally is great, because they’re removable and replaceable. During the design process you can even leave empty spaces for some permanent marker notes later on!