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Full Color Stickers – Any Custom Shape


Design a custom decal and give it it’s own shape! Die cut decals follow the perimeter of your design and stand out from typical square, rectangle or circle decals.

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Product Description

Custom shape stickers are designed by you, printed and cut by us. What makes custom shape stickers different from other types of stickers is the contour cut that follows around the outside of of the design. When a custom decal is submitted through our designer, our pre-press team will prepare the file so that it is cut to shape of your design with about 1/8 inch white vinyl border. Full bleed color to the edges is also available. Contour cutting adds a unique style to your decals by giving them a custom shape and allowing it to stand out from traditional square, rectangle or round decals.

Standard production includes heavy white vinyl sticker material printed several ganged on each sheet and the vinyl layer contour cut to your shape. We can also cut them to strips or individual stickers and also weed excess material. Custom packaging also available

Upload your logo or image, and we’ll cut the decal to the correct shape. These decals are perfect for a very wide array of products, and multiple different material types are available on request. Our default decal material is semi-permanent and will last well inside or outside. Proofs are available by request.

For over 65 years, custom shape stickers have been helping politicians get elected, building companies, establishing brands, advertising, starting conversations and increasing exposure. Please read top 8 reasons to use custom stickers as a powerful marketing tool for businesses.