Handing out promotional items is a key strategy for many companies when it comes to retaining clients and getting new clients. Building a relationship with your clients and fans cannot be given enough weight. Your biggest fans will not only provide the most business personally, but will sing your praise to others, potentially creating new fans. So, what promo items help build that relationship with your fans? We’ve got you covered!


We can’t say it enough, Stickers are awesome! Everyone loves stickers, you can see them everywhere. From cars to laptops and more, when consumers love a brand, they love telling others with stickers.


The great thing about Custom stickers is how inexpensive they are to create. Even just using a logo for your stickers is enough usually. If you’re including them in your products or handing them out at events to your fans, they’re sure to spread the word by personalizing their things with your logo! Sometimes if your logo is cool enough, people will use the sticker even without being one of your fans! Either way, your getting your brand out in front of more eyes!

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Almost as popular as stickers are magnets. Die cut magnets assume the shape of your logo or design and break free from the boundaries of square corners.


They’re fun and, unlike stickers, can be moved. They have utility and can be placed on refrigerators to hang your favorite artwork. Outside refrigerators, magnets are popular for school lockers, metal doors, computer towers and so much more! Magnets for businesses are used all the time to keep your contact information on hand for your customers.


Who doesn’t like getting a free pen? You’ll see pens with a company’s logo and info on it everywhere! In my experience, passersby almost always take the free pens.


You’ll even find doctors offices and other businesses have dozens of pens on hand, knowing you’re likely to keep it after signing your paperwork. They’re fantastically popular, and for good reason: they work well. Most of the time a pen will simply have a logo and a phone number, website or email, but some pens get incredibly elaborate and have moving parts or other decoration. The most affordable pens will be a simple, yet effective design.


Oftentimes doctors offices or lawyers offices will give out notepads or sticky notepads with their logo and information on them.


These are great ways to keep yourself on the mind of your clients by always being on hand. Growing up, I always remember taking notes or doodling on certain notepads around the house. To this day, I can still remember the logos and

companies who gave us those notepads! Why? Because I saw and used them every day!

Rubber Wrist Bands

These rubber bracelets took the world by storm when they were used for the Livestrong campaign. Even after the hype died down for those yellow bands, the bracelets stuck around as a powerful fad. Companies have embraced them to entice their followers to wear their slogans and logos on their wrists constantly. It builds a lasting impression with their fans and, in the right cases, the people around them. When given away at events, they create high visibility as everyone at the event can be seen wearing them, others may look to see where they came from. Kids love them, and adults seem to as well!


Whichever direction you take, rest assured knowing that your fans love free stuff! It’s likely no matter what you pick to hand out to them, they’ll take it. However always remember, it’s best to keep your logo and info on that item rather than simply giving away candy or something disposable!