Products For Your Car

Cars have always been highly personal and a canvas for customization. Stickerz offers a variety of products to help in the process of vehicle advertising.

Car Magnets

Every day you drive past hundreds or thousands of other cars, making car magnets one of the easiest ways to get your message out. Whether it’s your new business or a well-established fleet of work vehicles, car magnets are a non-destructive way to get your logo and contact information in front of potential clients. Build your brand by keeping yourself in the mind of everyone you pass on the interstate!


Bumper stickers and stickers of all shapes are a favorite for businesses and organizations. They’re an inexpensive way for your customers or fans to show they love what you’re offering up. Whether it’s a witty political humor bumper sticker or a custom shaped logo decal, we are ready to produce it for you. We have several printers dedicated to printing decals and stickers and we can deliver them all individually cut. Design your own or let us prepare the files for you!

Auto Tags

Customized license plates are fun and useful for businesses as well. Customize your own car tag using our online design tool and uploading your own artwork or designing one from scratch. Auto tags are made to withstand weather and heavy use and will last for years.

Vision Print

This special material allows us to place an image on a window, but still allows you to see out. Vision print is great for car windows or storefronts when you want to display an image or message, but still need to use the window. When looking at the print side, you can perfectly view the image, but when looking from the other side of the window, you can still see out. While vision print allows you to still see out the window, it dampens the amount of sunlight coming in, making it perfect for kids in the back seat.