Design Your Own

Business cards, banners, magnetic signs, and so much more! 12 years ago, we changed the way people used the internet. We released the first ever online design tool, which effectively allowed our customers to design their own signs. Gone were the days of tediously calling or meeting with clients to get their designs just right. Never again would we need to charge a customer for artwork services, because they could spend an infinite amount of time doing their own design. It was truly revolutionary, and definitely ahead of it’s time.

Today you can design just about any product you could dream up. If you want it, someone out there probably has an online tool to do it. It has become an industry standard in the printing industry. Yet, still, we have the original right here. In internet terms, being around for 12 years would be the same achievement as having built the Great Wall Of China. We’re ancient, however we’re still just as useful. The times have changed, and we’ve been able to adapt and continue development on this designer so that we can now offer you an affordable, reliable way to design your own… anything.

Try it out! Pick your favorite product and design away. We’d love to see what you come up with!

Helpful Videos:

Online Designer Tips:

  • Don’t say too much – Remember, you’re designing a sign not writing a book. Oftentimes signs, decals and most of our other products are meant to be seen at a glance. You may lose the effect if you put too much on there.
  • Use contrasting colors – If you’re making full color signs or other products, be sure to use contrasting colors. Colors that are opposites of each other are easiest to see. Black letters on a white background are very easy to see, however black letters on a dark blue background are not.
  • Limit your color choices – Using fewer colors is better, especially if you’re making a product like vinyl lettering. With vinyl lettering, each color is cut individually and has to be reassembled when you’re installing it. Not easy for the average consumer, so use 1 color when you can.