Fridge skins took the world by storm! Many companies came about and began selling refrigerator and appliance skins to add a little fun to the kitchen and laundry rooms, however most of them are limited by the designs they offer. They have a stock of different designs which can be purchased in different sizes depending on the dimensions or style of your appliances.

They’re easy to customize to fit handles and control panels and they are very easy to install, remove and save for next year. However… as usual, we do things a little differently! With our online design tool, you can upload your own photos or use some images from out stock photo library to get the perfect design. This holiday season, add a little extra flair with these fridge skin design tips!

Try A Full-Length Image

Keep it simple and find a photo or image you like from our stock library, fit it to your fridge skin and have us print it! It’s THAT easy! Do you love a snowy forest scene or a Santa design? No problem, we’ll print it on a magnet and ship it right away. Choose from literally thousands of stock photos and transform your fridge into the ultimate holiday scenery.

Skeuomorph Your Fridge!

Ok, so we won’t fault you if you’re unsure what skeuomorph means! However, it’s a wildly popular use for Fridge skins. Skeuomorph is basically a design style that mimics an artifact of similar use. Apple used this design style in their original set of iPhone apps where the calculator looked like an actual old calculator, the notepad looked like a piece of paper, the voice recorder had an old-fashioned mic and so on.

An incredibly popular fridge design is a vintage vending machine, fridge, dish washer and so on. Use your fridge skin to make your refrigerator look like your favorite old timey device. Make it a giant present, or a pile of presents! The sky is the limit.

Add Your Favorite Holiday Photos

Because you can make your own design, you’re free to upload your favorite photos. Use your holiday photos from the past decade, add your dogs, anything is possible! Even leave a space open for your yearly shipment of everyone else’s holiday cards! Even though you’re covering the surface of your fridge, these fridge skins should still hold a magnet! If not, you can use a slightly Stronger magnet and hold up the holiday cards with no issue!

However you decide to design your holiday fridge skins, be sure to be creative! The sky is your limit and you’re finally free to make your fridge look like anything you want! If you’re not creative and just want your old appliances to have a new stainless steel look for your holiday visitors, we can do that too! Let us know if you’re having trouble finding what you need.