economy banner stand

Economy Pop Up Banner Stand


Banner stands are durable and retractable. Banners are housed inside and can be replaced.

  • Replace the banner with new or updated ones
  • Easy to store and set up
  • Retractable to save space
  • Use in series for unending options
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Product Description

The economy banner stand is perfect for the budget conscious as it cost significantly less that the premium banner stand, yet nearly as durable. You will have years of use with replacable banner options when you want to display a variety of products using the same banner stand. The banner stands are popular for use at exhibition displays, restaurants, lobbies, malls, and trade shows. This type of stand allow for you to use it repeatedly and if cared for there would be no need to replace your banner stand, simply replace it with a different banner from our huge selection or get your personalized custom banner and use it with your existing banner stand.

Use our custom printing banner as an excellent method to draw attention to your products and services using one of our UV inked printed banners, designed for you. As with the premium retractable banner stand, the economy stand is very easy to transport, the graphics are protected from damage in the roll-up stand and setting up is easy and quick.

These retractable banner stands are ideal portable products for expositions, malls, lobbies and restaurants.