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Premium Banner Stand


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Product Description

One of our top banners is the premium banner stand, which is a retractable banner stand, which is perfect for restaurants, lobbies, malls, expos and more. Premium means the banner stand is a lot heavier, sturdier than the economy model banner stand. The bearings used in the premium retractable banner stand are more durable and offers a much smoother operation than that of the economy. This banner stand can last forever as the banner can always be replaced with another for a different venture or other products. Retractable banners meets the needs of any outdoor advertisers regardless of budget. It is a popular sight at trade shows as part of exhibition displays and the ideal tool to promote or increase brand awareness.

What makes it ideal is that the printed graphics of the banner is housed inside the base of the banner, making setup and takedown incredibly quick and easy without it taking a lot of space either. A typical setup is as easy as extending a pole, and pulling out your graphics. During transportation, your printed graphics are protected at all times and another factor worth mentioning is that it is easy enough for one person to extract and place as well.

These retractable banner stands are ideal portable products for expositions, malls, lobbies and restaurants.