Perforated Window Decals – Vision Print


Vision print is the best way to put a print on your vehicle windows. It’s completely street legal, easy to install and non-destructive should you decide to remove it.

  • Full color prints
  • From the outside viewers see print, from inside you see out the window
  • Perforated material creates a window tint effect inside, dulling sunlight
  • Easy to install, easy to remove
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Product Description

Place a full color print directly on the window of your vehicle without effecting visibility. Vision print is specially designed material which allows us to print directly on it and apply it to your windows. Thanks to thousands of tiny holes in the material, the driver and passengers can still see out the windows. An added benefit of vision print is that it decreases the amount of light coming through the windows, giving the effect of tinted windows, with the advertising power of a full color sign. Popular uses for vision print include wrapping vehicle windows, busses, fleet vehicles, small business vehicles, advertising on storefront windows, decorating windows and more. Our online design tool lets you design your own vision print with your own artwork, images, logos and clipart or choose from our library of clipart and fonts.