What makes a vinyl banner effective?

Vinyl banners are more than just temporary signs you put in front of your business to announce your grand opening. They’re a highly appealing form of advertising at any venue that attracts large crowds. Compared to other traditional marketing methods such as yellow pages, television, radio, or newspaper advertising. Vinyl banners can be effective, because they can be placed in a high traffic area, changed out regularly, and even reused every year. They’re almost like budget-friendly billboards.

Affordable and easy to use

Today vinyl banners are almost exclusively printed by large format printers and hemmed by a production person. Due to the fact the the majority of the printing process is automated and with the invention of online design tools, banners have become extremely inexpensive. The average cost of a banner per sq foot is less than half what a cup of coffee is from Starbucks. They’re cheap. Most of the time, sign shops will add grommets or pole pockets as well so that banners are easy to install. They’re usually shipped rolled up and installation is as easy as unrolling the banners and hanging them in place. Once you’re done, you can remove them and hang them again next weekend, or whenever needed.

Portable and reusable

Banners are a favorite for schools, churches and after school programs or organizations that don’t have a huge advertising budget. Why are they so popular? Because they’re extremely portable and vinyl banners can be reused hundreds of times! Once you’ve determined how you’re going to hang your banner, simply take it with you to your event. Afterwards take it down, roll it up and head out! It’s so easy to reuse vinyl banners over and over and they have the portability of a small bed sheet. Rolling them is best for storage and transportation.

Available in varied sizes and durability

Since banners are so affordable, those with deeper pockets have found ways to expand on the medium. Thicker or premium vinyl material is available as well as other banner options such as pop-up stands. Different vinyl materials may last better outside than others while some stand up banner hardware is designed for multiple, extended use compared to discounted versions.

We offer a ton of banner options, so be sure to head over to our banner store to see what all is available!