Men are notoriously difficult to shop for. I know, because I happen to be a man myself. We’re picky and have a tendency to buy ourselves the really fun stuff, leaving our loved ones with very few options during the holidays. So if you’re looking for some really unique man cave gifts, look no further. I’m here to guide you through the process!

As with all our products, you can customize your own man cave gifts, so creativity will go a long way here. If you’re not so creative, our designers can help you out or you can use the tips below to get started designing right away!

Skins, Skins For Everything!

If your man is like me, he’s got his favorite toy. Maybe it’s his Xbox or maybe it’s an old corn hole set. It doesn’t matter what it is, we can probably skin it! We’ve done iPad skins, Xbox skins, PlayStation skins; you name it, we’ve probably printed a skin for it. The first step in making a skin for a custom item is to get the measurements. Always make it a little bigger so your man can cut it to size after applying it. We’ve seen people add their favorite sports team, movie character and so much more to virtually every item possible.

Bonus tip: Try the following design styles – add texture (like the surface of a football), add photos, add logos and mascots, add celebrities and public figures, add text or messages or combine and and all of the above for the perfect design!

Removable Wall Decals

If your man has a room all to himself, he probably has bare or semi-bare walls. I always have a hard time finding things to place on my walls, but with Removable wall decals, he can decorate his walls with literally anything! Print a life-size sports player or Taylor Swift. Print his favorite stadium to fill the space above his favorite chair. Anything is possible and your canvas can be virtually any size!


As the name implies, removable wall decals are completely removable without damaging any wall paint. Your man will love to hear that removing and repositioning these decals won’t mean he has to repaint!

Bonus tip: Try keeping it simple with a single image printed BIG. We can contour cut, so if you want us to cut a portion of the design out, just let us know and we’ll be happy to do it for you!

Vision Print For Their Windows

Vision print is mostly used on the back windshield of cars. You’ve seen them before from pool cleaners or realtors. They cover the entire window, but allow you to still see out from the window. The cool thing is that they can also be used on regular windows and they have the added effect of blocking out some of the sunlight while still allowing visibility out the window.


Combine this with the ability to print literally ANYTHING on the material and you can put a fun scene in your man cave window. Print his favorite quarterback catching an amazing touchdown and from the outside you’ll see this great play while inside your room is nice and shaded. They’re great for windows facing the sun or jut for fun!

Bonus tip: Set up a funny or cool scene to play out in the window. For Christmas it’s fun to have Santa sneaking through the window or eating some cookies, but don’t stop there. You can put any character in any position in the windows. Get creative and make something truly hilarious.

Canvas Prints

Wall art starts and stops with Canvas prints. They’re incredibly popular for a myriad of uses, but they’re also perfect for man caves. Do you have the perfect family photo, holiday photo or maybe a photo from his event out with the guys? We’ll print them in high resolution at whatever size you need. Our canvases are completely customizable with our clipart, text and even stock photography though our photography provider. Your options are almost endless with our canvas prints!


Bonus tip: Again, keep it simple. Use your favorite photo, maybe add some text or a small graphic. Canvas prints are timeless gifts which are great to display year round. We can do almost any size, so consider going BIG!

Fridge Skins

Does your man cave have beer fridge or Kegerator? We’ve got the perfect item to add a little uniqueness. Fridge skins can be magnetic or adhesive and are generally printed and stuck on the face of the appliance. Magnetic fridge skins can be removed, rolled up and replaced or stored for later. If you’re having a big super bowl party, maybe you want to change the skin to match the teams playing each other.


Bonus tip: Creativity can create all sorts of cool things with fridge skins. Make it look like the fridge is a giant beer glass or create an X-ray effect showing a fridge full of drinks! Give the fridge a vintage look or anything else you can dream up!

Corn Hole Skins

This last product might not necessarily be an indoor gift, but it’s still perfect for you man regardless. Corn hole skins let you give your old corn hole set an entirely new look. Maybe you’re bored of the old design, changed allegiance, made your own board or have a blank set; our corn hole skins let you design a con hold board any way you want! Add clipart, photos, text or stock images however you’d like.


Bonus tip: Try something different and incorporate the scoring holes into the design, or try adding other scoring locations on the board. You’ve got total control over the design, so try out anything!