Do you want an effective, economical, eye-catching, and colorful graphic that attract message or promotion of the business you are advertising? Use perforated window decals, one-way vision sign and your car or truck can advertise your business all over town!

A well ad placed on a vehicle or car that travels crowded city roads can be seen by up to 100,000 people a day. If you plan your route and design your ads creatively, you will get maximum result. Place a full color print directly on the window of your vehicle without effecting visibility. Vision print is specially designed material which allows us to print directly on it and apply it to your windows.

Thanks to thousands of tiny holes in the material, the driver and passengers can still see out the windows. You can get full coverage on the outside, without making the inside dark and claustrophobic. An added benefit of vision print is that it decreases the amount of light coming through the windows, giving the effect of tinted windows, with the advertising power of a full color sign.

Here are some benefits of using perforated window decals to advertise your business:

Increase Brand Awareness

Brand awareness is very important when starting your business and you want your company name and logo to become commonplace in potential customers minds. A well-designed car window decals are also ideal for communicating all the useful info you want your customers to know about your business opening hours, basic services as well as your phone number, email, and website.

Inexpensive Advertising but Valuable

An advertising tool should be economical and effective at the same time. Perforated window decals are an inexpensive way to attract the eye of potential new customers, as well as a creative and innovative method of getting across exactly what your business offers and will eventually help your message to reach out to consumers from different regions.

Changeable or Removable

Perforated window decals can be easily changed if you want to keep your car window varied and fresh. You can give your marketing an extra boost to promote seasonal or special offers around Christmas or Halloween, you can easily changing your graphic anytime. Daily promotional offers such as “buy one and get one free” can be also advertised. This is creative way of informing a large number of people about your promotional and it will help you quickly to garner a better¬†response for the campaign.

Additionally, you can also use tailgate skins to advertise your business as well. Tailgate skins are printed on vehicle wrap which is intended to lay flush with the contours of the vehicle for long periods of time while also being able to be removed if needed without damage to the vehicle.